Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Sunday, May 1, 2016

How To Get Bigger Erections?

In the past, many people were afraid to discuss about this thing because it was considered to be taboo, but luckily the situation has changed. Unfortunately, there were men who have experienced erectile dysfunction even thousands of years ago. What was even worse was the fact that they were usually considered weak and they were stigmatized by the society. The good news is that our society has evolved and things are different. There are many solutions for men who are dealing with erectile dysfunction and with their help they can experience, bigger, harder and more explosive erection.

To start with, you can check some of the prescription drugs or OTC drugs. Modern medicine has managed to identify and create many compounds that can solve this issue. So, if you were not able to achieve or keep hard erection for a long time, you can use some of the safe and effective medications found on the market. It seems that Viagra and cialis are one of the most famous drugs of this kind even though there are many other useful drugs. They are usually taken 30-60 minutes before the intercourse and they last for several hours. It is highly recommended to consult a doctor before using them.

Another good solution is the use of a special cream. In case you are not a big fan of pharmaceutical drugs, you can rely on creams designed to get you a strong and lasting erection. What is good about them is that you don’t need to leave your home to buy them because they can be purchased online. Of course, your local sex store will definitely have at least one type of these creams. They are applied directly to the penis and they should provide results right away. The only downside is that they are messy and the partner will notice that you are using help to get an erection.

Furthermore, you can also try some physical activity and exercises. In many cases, practicing exercises that are focused on penile muscles can help you achieve great erection. We will now give you an example of an exercise like this. While you are urinating, squeeze the part of the penis that prevents urine flow (don’t use your hands). This is actually the muscle that regulates the strength of erections too. Exercise in a regular way by performing series of reps with small breaks. Finally, you should be able to keep the blood for a longer time in the penis and you’ll get incredible erections.
Next, include certain foods known as food aphrodisiacs in your diet. Keep in mind that there is no strong scientific evidence that any food can make significant difference down there, but trying some of these foods and herbs won’t cost you much money or time.

Finally, try to stop smoking. Smoking, or nicotine to be more precise, disrupts the blood flow making achieving and maintain a hard erection much more difficult. Even if you have erection it is weak. 

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