Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Orgasm with fingers

We have talk about using your hand and mouth sexual stimulation of clitoris that give her an orgasm, and now we are going to discuss how can you satisfy your partner with fingers. It's her clitoris and vagina that you are going to play with using your fingers.

Don't go straight with rubbing her clitoris right away, you have to do what we have discuss in previous post, foreplay. Yes, you have to start the whole thing from foreplay, it's important to turn her on before you start. We have show you the way to play with her clitoris, just massage her clitoris with circular motion, you may get the lube from her vagina to make her feel more comfortable.

Once you make her so high that she wants you to penetrate her, put your middle finger in her vagina. Middle finger is good for you to go in and out faster, but you have to put yourself in a good position, spread her leg wide open and sit in between them. If you are able to rub her clitoris with one hand and play with her vagina with another hand, this is the best. She have higher chance for the orgasm. There is a good way for you to hit her g spot, just use your middle finger, palm face up and try to hit her g spot and vagina upper part with it. Go slow and see how she react to it.

If your partner like anal sex, you may put a finger in it and use your other fingers to play with her vagina. Don't mix up your fingers, fingers that play with her anus cannot play with her vagina, this may get her infected. Enjoy your finger sex.

You may ask her to masturbate in front of you. Female masturbation is a good way that leads to orgasm, you may learn some trick to give her oral sex during foreplay. Sometimes girls like oral sex and foreplay more than penis penetrate sex, and it may give her the orgasm she wants. In return she will give you a lustful night.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Her Clitoris - The Way to Better Sex

Clitoris is like your penis to you, it's full of nerve that can make the women orgasm, her g spot.If you are able to master the g-spot and sensitive area in it, you may give her multiple orgasm, again and again. It's important to understand her g spot if you want her to enjoy her sex, this will help her to orgasm thus making her more willing to have sex. If your woman wants to have sex with you more often, this is a great thing for you, most of the time, unless you don't like it. Clitoris is the sex organ that is just above her vagina, they are hyper sensitive. If you know how to play with it, you can turn her on in minute. You may use your finger to do a little movement on her clitoris after you take off her dress. As we have mention before, clitoris is a hyper sensitive area, be gentle while you massage for her unless she ask for more.

Other than your hand, you may use your mouth to help her as well. She will be enjoying this oral sex so much, licking her clitoris is a good way to help her orgasm. As we mention previously, clitoris is sensitive as your penis, giving her enough sexual stimulation will give her multiple orgasm, for your case, harder erection. You may enhance her feeling by sucking and pulling her clitoris while she is near to orgasm. Gently blowing it is another small technique to enhance the feeling, it gives her the sexual desire to enjoy making love with you again and again.

Get a vibrator to make things easy for you, you may use it as a tool to turn her on before you penetrate or you may use it while penetrating as well. It's a great tool to use during foreplay, small investment but great return. As long as your girl is having fun in sex, you will enjoy it as well. Do you know that average men take 2.5 minutes to orgasm, but 13 minutes for women to orgasm? Do more during foreplay before penetrate then you will give her the orgasm she wants. It does help you lasting longer in bed