Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oral sex, Blow Job and Hand Job.

Oral sex or blow job is one of the most popular sex method. Oral sex means using your mouth to do blowjob for the guy or for the man to lick the women pussy. There are videos showing the actual way or the best way to do blowjob, these videos is not from the porn but reliable multinational company. If you have problems like soft erection that is not hard enough to penetrate vagina, what do they call it? Erectile dysfunction, it's slightly sexual dysfunction. Then oral sex and hand job is great solution. These 2 sex method is able to satisfy the guy and make the guys ejaculate. You can see all these in the porn, it's a popular way of having sex.

There are a lot of massage centre out there providing service for blowjob as well. They may just offer massage, oral sex, hand job only, they do not provide the full package, that means no penis penetrate into vagina. Normally they will give you a 30 minutes massage, then the girl will ask you whether you are interested to have oral sex. The girl will 'accidentally' seducing you during the massage. The girl will touch some of your sensitive area, flirting with you and make you feel good to have sex. We are talking about this just because that oral sex is a common thing, you don't have to be shy about it. It may be good way of having sex while you are not taking any sex pills, you may think about herbal sexual enhancer.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Miracle Sex Pill

I have seen a lot of people think that sex pill like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or those Herbal sexual enhancer, herbal viagra, tongkat ali etc. can fix their life. Well they may be expecting too much from these pills or think that this pill is a miracle pill. The sex pill may have fix your sexual enhancement problem, but it can't totally fix your sex life. These sexual products may have successfully cure your premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, lack of sex drive problems, but sex is more than that.

You have a hard cock doesn't mean that you can satisfy your partner, no matter guys or girls. The sexual relationship is like everything else, you need to spend some time to take care of it, you have to discuss and find out the problems in the sexual relationship, then identify the problem within. The sexual relationships is base on two parties, so you have to maintain the relationship. After you have identify the problem, find the solution that both of you can accept and happy with it, or else the sexual relationship won't suddenly becomes better.

You know most old couples have been together for some time, they have been so used to the post or the bed. They need something to refresh the sex life, and penis stayed harder can't do much, a change in the sex life, a change in the location, inject some fun in the sex these may help you to get a better sex life. Don't put the pills in front of you and pray that everything will change magically after you take it. Do something!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Old Cow Young Grass

:) This is a new movie in Singapore, it's a direct translate from Mandarin, I think it's a Mandarin movie. This is a movie that reflects the culture in most of the cities. The title means old guy and young girl. Some of you may see this type of couple in your own place. The old man nowadays have a very young mind, they keep themselves at very young age. Young guy deserve young girls? Old man deserve even younger girls. I believe these old folks here were working hard when they were young, they do not have the time to tackle girls or they can't afford the girls' spending, so they can only tackle those young girls at older age. The same thing happened in Japan and Taiwan as well.

I'm not sure whether old man still have the stamina to have sex with the young girls, but I'm sure that these girls can stimulate their sex drives to the end and make them working hard to restore their stamina in sex. Sex pills like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra sure can help a lot, but the old folks still need to have a very strong heart and body to support the effect. A lot of male enhancement supplement pills that claim that they have the power of Viagra but less the side effect of Viagra, and these kind of products is selling like hotcakes over Asia, the type of herbs that is most popular for this application is Tongkat Ali. They call it the Herbal Viagra.
If you are young now, don't waste your time in work only, do something that you won't regret when you are old. Work is not all in your life.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Old Man Sex Problem

Sex problems like erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction are very common among old people. People always think that it's a normal thing to have erectile dysfunction at this age, actually it's abnormal. Old men may face some health problem, they may have limited energy but they still have the ability to have sex. It's not about the age, it's the life style that matter. You can see lots of youngster having sex problem or health problem as well, because they are not taking good care about their health. It's a very sad thing to see that people at his young age suffer health problem including sexual problem.

Have you go for a jog lately? When is the last time you exercise? When you go out for a jog, have you seen any older people whom can run faster and longer than you? I have seen a lot of senior citizen whom can run very well in marathon, they can even run faster than those young guys, so what makes you think that they have sex like young people. It's how you take care your body. You take care of the body, the body will take good care about you. Don't sit on the couch and blame your age for giving you problem in sex life, you have do work it out. Put on your sports shoes and go out for a run, you will discover the air is so good in the garden, you will enjoy the run. Gain your strength back and you can have a good sexual health again.