Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Powerful Aphrodisiac Boosting Sexual Desire

Do you want your thoughts racing and blood pumping so loudly that you can hear it during sex? If yes then you need to read this article. Men wish that their female partner would initiate sex more often but the problem is female sexual desire is variable, it can change easily in response to the feelings and environment, and male sexual desire is more spontaneus and common, so this is a frequent cause of discussion between partners. 

This is because, sexually speaking, for men the sex is an "emergency" and they can be ready in a minute regardless of what they are doing, on the contrary, women need some conditions in the environment to be excited. In case of men the sex is mostly genitally focused whereas for females, the sex is a game of full mind and body experience.

Either by yourself or because your partner has requested it, maybe you have felt the need to become hornier. Here you can learn easy ways to increase your sexual desire and become an ideal lover.

- Talk to your partner about your desires:
If your partner knows what you like and what makes you feel horny he can do it when he wants to have sex and thus you will not reject his proposal. This is very personal, only you can discover what you like, the type of stimuli, and the favorite foreplay.
Likewise, sometimes men want to be surprised, so take the initiative, wait him after work with the underwear he likes, you will not regret.

- Explore your fantasies:
An excelent way of feeling horny is talking about your mutual fantasies and making them real. Some couples are daring and make their own adult video to see them together in the future, which increases the sexual desire too. Maybe you have not experienced it yet, but you might like these erotic roles, and the expectation can make you feel more anxious about sex.

- Get new ideas:
 You can improve your sexual desire reading books or watching movies with erotical content, not necessarily porn; by doing this you can discover new things which increase your libido and the desire of new experiences. If you do not like pornography, nowadays the sexual genre is trend and you can find a lot of books and "new age porn" movies that also have romance and not just sex.

- Get enough rest:
A recent study in the Journal of Herbal Sexual Enhancer says that the typical excuse "I'm so tired to have sex" is not entirely false. In this study, they discovered that women who sleep more have a higher sex drives, for each extra hour of sleep they had they were 14% more willing to have sex; likewise, after the rest, they had more vaginal lubrication.

Try some powerful aphrodisiac:
Some foods increase your sexual desires. Try these foods to prepare yourself for the big night.
  •       Bannana
  •        Figs
  •        Oysters
  •        Chocolate
  •        Vanilla
  •        Honey
  •        Olive oil