Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Obesity/overweight and sex

In the past two decades, we are witnessing a trend that has never been witnessed before. The humanity is literally becoming obsessed with things like external appearance, beauty, various measures and ideal proportions. The media are creating pressure with their understanding of beauty of the body. We are reading only about women and men who have won beauty competitions and we see their perfect bodies exposed. To be honest they have impeccable curves, enviable line and physical perfection.

However, too often the concept of sexuality is linked to ideal body line, flat stomach, firm buttocks and hips. Is it possible for people with Obesity or overweight people to keep their self-confidence and bury the myth about perfectly sculpted body as the ideal of sexuality and sexual pleasure?

It is quite natural for a person that is dealing with overweight and obesity, be it woman or man, to believe that their body is undesirable and unattractive because the glorification of slimness and praise of bodies with no flaws. This widely accepted perception often shakes the entire world of people who are overweight and obese and their own body becomes a problem for good sexual life. Individuals caught in the trap of negative perception of their body, regardless of their sexual appetite, decide to avoid sexual intercourse or if they are found in such intercourse, they cannot relax and enjoy the moment because their thoughts are focused only on the partner’s perception of their body.

Many women testify about the bad sex life because of the feeling of shame towards their own body. When it comes to men and their perception of the female body, many surveys have confirmed that they found women with few extra pounds sexy and that they are much more interested in some other elements of sexual relationship like the interest and willpower of their partner, imagination and initiative, relaxation and many other factors that have nothing to do with obesity.

In such a mutual inconsistency regarding priorities of sexual pleasure, the sexual act itself can become disastrous despite the fact that it has the potential to bring many positive results. Why is this happening? Women burdened by their highlighted curves, are very often insufficiently active, avoid spontaneous sex positions that reveal their flaws, avoid sex during daytime, avoid taking clothes and other things that they find embarrassing because of their appearance. On the other hand, men in such cases perceive their partners as superficial sexual partners who are not very open and active and they don’t realize that behind this inactivity and superficiality they can find shame and discomfort.

This is exactly why open and honest communication between partners is important. In this way, both partners will be aware of the overall perception of sexuality, but also about each other’s expectations.
If you feel quite well in your own skin, do not let the prejudices, social norms and myths to convince you that having perfect weight is a necessary prerequisite for sexuality and experiencing pleasures. Simply relax and enjoy the sexual intercourse and let your partner enjoy too.