Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Monday, September 12, 2011

Healthy body

We always talk about healthy body if you want a healthy sex, this is the basic that you need to have better sex. Imagine that a 3 pointer that can't even run to shoot, the technique he have is useless at all. If you have a good technique but without a good body to support yourself, it's useless. Adopting a few of this painless changes in your lifestyle can help you to boost your libido as well as your own sexual health.

A healthy lifestyle, first of all, exercise. There is no way that you can avoid it, find something that you are interested with then stick to it. You need some cardiovascular exercise, not something like golf or snooker. You need some exercise that can work your heart, pump your blood and increase blood circulation. Better blood circulation leads to harder erection, harder erection leads to better sex life. Exercise also boost testosterone level in our body as well. These exercise not only make you healthier but also make you sexier, it's always better to look good, right? Do this 3 times a week and at least 30 minutes. Slow run is the easiest exercise, all you need is just a pair of running shoes.

The next thing you need is a healthy and sharp mind. Don't just leave your brain out after retire, it's the same as your heart, it need some exercise too. Find something that can work it out, puzzle or sudoku are some example of it. A sharp mind may give you faster response and help you during sex.
Keep the routine above and mix it with the a proper eating habit then you will have a healthy life. Have you heard 'you are what you eat' before? Make these your healthy lifestyle a habit and not just another diet plan then you will have a better sexual health.

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