Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Monday, September 5, 2011

Change your sex routine

When we are in a long term relationship, the sex life can tend to be boring as it already become a routine job like doing your laundry. There may not be any problem if you continue to do so but it will be boring and at some point both of you may stop having sex at all. We always discuss that communication is very important in your sex life, so just communicate with your sex partner, come up with a brain storm for sex. Discuss about what and how can you make the sex life more interesting and both of your sexual fantasy, for instance you like her to wear some sexy uniform or even a proper office lady look may turn you on and give you a harder erection. Do you think she enjoy this amazing sex with you, if she enjoys sex like you do then you won't have problem of having it again.

Get creative while doing this, you may get the idea from porn or other movies. Watching porn together with your sex partner maybe a good idea as well, it may boost sexual desire and sex drive. Do something that you don't do normally, do something that is totally opposite, do it differently and you may give them a surprise and it won't be the same anymore. And when you try out the new things, you will know whether the new way of having sex is suitable for you or not. Take some adventure in sex, it can be fun. Taking the effort for better sex can enhance your sexual relationship.

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