Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Friday, May 11, 2018

Diets That Mess with your Sex Life

You must have heard the statement, “You are what you eat”. This simply tells us that what we pass through our mouth whether solid or liquid goes a long way to make us. This is because food plays a lot of roles in our body such as giving us energy, building up the body and fighting diseases.  It also helps in ensuring steady blood flow and balancing our hormones. But the reverse is the case when we eat the wrong type of food. It causes a whole lot of havoc in the body including low sexual stamina, blood flow and of course, poor sex life. Let’s have a look at what type of diet helps in destroying your sex life.

Junk Food
It is no secrets that this type of food contains a large amount of unhealthy fat which can harm your hormones by lowering your testosterone level and you know this is what fuels your sex drive. So you might want to be careful with those type of good that gets you weight up rapidly. It also clogs the arteries which is responsible for a smooth blood flow. This can lead to an erectile dysfunction as the blood which was meant to flow into the penis has been clogged. Also, foods such as sugary cereals or white bread increases your blood sugar rapidly and when your body tries to keep up by producing insulin, the whole process makes you tired which would indirectly have an effect on your sexual life.
Eating fruits, food that contains balanced diet or cereals that contain fiber such as oats, and exercising daily is the best way to counter this negative outcome.

Vegan Food
Despite the advantage of going vegan, entirely cutting out your body’s supply of vitamin D in form of protein could spell a lot of danger for your penis. A lack of vitamin D is enough reason for erectile dysfunction to take up residence in your sex life. This is because, your body in unable to produce enough nitric oxide which helps your blood vessels carry out its full function.
At this stage, we know we can’t advise you to keep you to stop being a vegan, but taking dietary supplements of vitamin d and getting enough sun can help mitigate the risk. Also eating things like cheese, eggs, and salmon can help.

Big Portions of Food
According to Dr. Brahmbhatt, Piling too much food on your plate is capable of slowing things down in bed. When you over eat, you become too tired and lazy to accomplish anything including having sex. Rather, than mounting a big portion of food to eat all at once, you can cut it down into smaller portions.

Heavy Alcohol
This is another sex life destroyer with a more glaring effect. Alcohol consumers are less likely to perform well in bed than someone who has nothing to do with alcohol. Why? This is because alcohol raises your estrogen levels which can cause low male libido and stop you from maintain a hard erection. Try putting a stop to drinking totally or, limit it to two bottles per day.

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