Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Four Erotic Love Making Ideas

Women, seize the lead while making love. Act as a sex goddess, and perform most of the responsibility in making love for a change. The guys love their women to act assertive and lead in sex activities at times. This is because taking the duty to initiate sex all the type is weary and entails some refusal to men. It's necessary for ladies to perform as the dominant spouse when it comes to sex once in a while and it's an inspirational change to men. It's hot and erotic, it brings a lot of sexual desire, enhance the libido and make him wants you more. It will boost testosterone level further and improve sexual health.

Ladies, your partner need you to grab the lead and be assertive when making love sometimes. Begin by going on top of your man if you don't know how to start this. When the lady is on top of him, it empowers men, and he's going to like it. Take hold of the deepness and pace of penetration. Say to him to get down low while you give it to him nice and slow.

  • Masturbate in-between the two breasts of your partner
Some men haven't yet realized the amount of fun they can derive from women's breast. Put your penis between your partner's breasts and thrust her in and out while holding the breast round it. It drives ladies crazy. It suits the missionary erotic love making position.

  • Attempt both extensive and shallow penetration when hitting her vagina
Most guys prefer deep thrusting because it's dominant and it also helps them to harder erection and stronger erection. You will enjoy your lovemaking more if you alternate between deep and shallow thrusts. Shallow thrusts make men orgasm delay a bit, but deep thrusts bring out it out. It will make you orgasm more powerful. I suggest you start with shallow thrust, then gradually migrate to deep thrust. Shallow thrust helps to arouse the most sensitive spot of men's manhood which is glans and frenulum. This is one of the few erotic love making ideas unknown to some guys.

  • As your man enters you, press back at him
You should be active during sex, and not passive. While your man is doing it with you, strike back towards him, try to make back at your pelvis and include your sexual strength to your partner's own. If you are using the rear entry style to have sex, ask him to stand in one place while you shift in and out along his manhood.

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