Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Asking Your Spouse for Sex This Festive Season

When people get together for a long while, they start growing out of love, most of the times they have been together for so long that they barely even find each other attractive.

If things have not worked well in your relationship, and you have been trying to get some from your spouse, but there is always an excuse not to engage in coitus do not give up. Below is a guideline that if you follow will have your spouse agreeing to have sex with you willingly.

Start by sitting together, start talking and move closer to your spouse, when they seem ready for a close-up, continue talking as you touch his/her stimulating areas. The more you touch their back, nipples, and neck, the more willing they will be.

As your spouse starts getting into the mood, start kissing him/her and they too will kiss you back and within moments you will begin engaging in sexual activity.

Showering Together

Taking baths/showers together is a wonderful way to rekindle your sex life. When you are in the house together, invite your spouse to the shower and get playful in the shower. Make it a habit and, your partner will warm up to these showers, and you shall have a better sexual health.

Start texting your spouse naughty messages when they are not with you. Start telling them the things you will do to them when they get home, slowly your spouse will warm up to the idea, and when the two of you get home libido is boosting to the sky, you will get things rolling.

A massage is a nice way to introduce sex this festive season. Book an appointment with your spouse and use your hands to apply a sensual massage on your beloved. Your touch and caresses will stimulate sexual desire, and you will end up having a sizzling coitus session.

Dress Up for Sex

There is nothing that sends “I want sex” signals like playing dress up. The lady can wear sexy lingerie that is also suggestive to send a message. The guy can casually place sex handcuffs on the bed or a French maid costume to send suggestive sex signals.

Your spouse will pick the signals up, and you can engage in sexual activity. Alternatively, go to bed naked and ask your partner to sleep naked beside you will help you maintain a hard erection. When you are in bed, start kissing his/her sensitive spots and touching the sensitive areas. You will end up enjoying a fun filled night!

Active Sex Life

The above-mentioned tips are guaranteed to help a couple rekindle their sex life this festive season. When you work together to resurrect an active sex life in your relationship, you will fight less and will grow to love one another more!

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