Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Friday, July 27, 2018

Sex And Menstrual Cycle

There have been some confusing notions about engaging in sexual intercourse during the monthly flow of a woman. Having sex with your partner during this period has more advantages but may be marred by the fact that some partners sees it as a disgusting act which should never be considered.
One of the major advantages of having sexual intercourse during this period is because it actually helps relieve women of menstrual cramps. If a woman during sexual intercourse with her partner gets to her climax and releases, the muscle around the uterus will contract and this will help relief her of her cramps.

Due to the simple reason that women sex drive is not stable as it fluctuates, most women sex drive increases during this period. The endorphin chemical is released during intercourse between partners during this period. The chemical is a feel good factor as the female folks go through some form of stress during this period.

The worrying effect about engaging in sexual intercourse during this period is the high risk of sexually transmitted infection (STI). This is because there is quick transfer of blood during this time in a woman's cycle.

Sex during this period is always an opportunity to have a good time because there will be no need for lubricant as the vagina lubricates itself during this cycle. It is advisable to stay away from sex some days before the flow because of the symptoms of the Vagina yeast infection which most time occurs during this period and having sex when these symptoms is already there will only increase the symptoms.

Women during this period always have high urge for sexual intercourse because their hormones will undergo some changes which will improve sex drive. Engaging in sexual intercourse during this period does not result in pregnancy except for some rare cases. it is widely believed and accepted that it is against nature and therefore a taboo to have sex with your spouse during this time. If as a man you care less about both of you being stained with blood, then why not, go ahead and make your happy because this is the time she need it most.

It is advisable for the female folks to change their sanitary pad if they want to engage in sexual activities with their partners. This is important so as to prevent the transfer of bacteria. It is also important to have a good bath before getting laid so as to create a nice environment for the sexual pleasure to manifest. In this case, the missionary sex style should be considered so as to minimize the mess that may happen during sex.

Although there are numerous religious reasons that will tell you having sexual affair with a person who is currently on her period is evil and a taboo. It should be worth noting that in a woman's life time she may menstruate over 400 times, which according to the religion, men as should steer clear during that period, which on the other hand means missing sexual pleasure for more than 2,000 days.

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