Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Her sensual body parts

As we have always share here that there are a lot of things that we can do to sexually satisfy the girls other than a hard penis. Yes, I do agree that we need a hard penis to make her feel 'full' in her vagina, and it is also the fact that a stronger erection can sexual stimulation her vagina and clitoris more. What we share here today is there may be times that we are too tired or any other situation that makes us tired and unable to erect hard. So what can you do now to make her orgasm, my own experience, if you are able to erect, but it's not as hard as normal, you may ask the girl to touch her clitoris herself. Won't you enjoy seeing her masturbate herself even for a little while? This totally blow you and her sexual desire in minutes. Sex can be creative.

This may make her more easy to orgasm though you have a soft erection. Other than her breast, vagina and butt, what is the other body parts that can make her high? Her neck, this you know well, her clavicle? This is also a part of the body that guys like, they feel it's sexy. It's not only sexy but it's sensitive too, once you kiss, she is going to turn on anytime. Don't forget her earlobe when you turn to other body parts. The bottom body part that is sensitive to turn her on, pelvis, inner thigh, behind the knee and feet! Lick it and tease it, play around here and don't rush into her, make her want more for it. These body parts are great for foreplay, so don't miss these parts and you will see the reward in return.

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