Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Monday, September 19, 2011

Orgasm is healthy for her

As you can see the title here, orgasm is good for her sexual health. Here is another reason for you to invite her for sex. Study shows that women whom have orgasm is more healthy than those who don't have one. They mention in the article that those who have orgasm at least twice a month will get less sick. Those who have more orgasm have higher energy level, fewer illness and better outlook. It does look convincing to have sex right? I think sex is a pretty good and cost effective health medicine, at least it feel so much better than the medicine. Tell her the benefit of orgasm now, then you will have the sex tonight, but remember, the health tips here is orgasm, not sex alone.

You have to take care her satisfaction in sex and make her orgasm, then only the sex is good for her health. Think about it, if you are able to give her the orgasm she wants, you don't need to tell her the benefit of sex anymore. She may become the person who tell you the benefit of sex and ask more about it. If you worry that you won't be able to stand until she have her orgasm, read more sex tips in this blog. There are a lot of things that you can do other than sexual intercourse to make her orgasm, do you know that she may like your finger more than your penis? Foreplay, licking, fingering her clitoris vagina and others, read more and put some effort on it.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Healthy body

We always talk about healthy body if you want a healthy sex, this is the basic that you need to have better sex. Imagine that a 3 pointer that can't even run to shoot, the technique he have is useless at all. If you have a good technique but without a good body to support yourself, it's useless. Adopting a few of this painless changes in your lifestyle can help you to boost your libido as well as your own sexual health.

A healthy lifestyle, first of all, exercise. There is no way that you can avoid it, find something that you are interested with then stick to it. You need some cardiovascular exercise, not something like golf or snooker. You need some exercise that can work your heart, pump your blood and increase blood circulation. Better blood circulation leads to harder erection, harder erection leads to better sex life. Exercise also boost testosterone level in our body as well. These exercise not only make you healthier but also make you sexier, it's always better to look good, right? Do this 3 times a week and at least 30 minutes. Slow run is the easiest exercise, all you need is just a pair of running shoes.

The next thing you need is a healthy and sharp mind. Don't just leave your brain out after retire, it's the same as your heart, it need some exercise too. Find something that can work it out, puzzle or sudoku are some example of it. A sharp mind may give you faster response and help you during sex.
Keep the routine above and mix it with the a proper eating habit then you will have a healthy life. Have you heard 'you are what you eat' before? Make these your healthy lifestyle a habit and not just another diet plan then you will have a better sexual health.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Vitamin for Stronger Erection

The vitamin that are able to give you a firmer and stronger erection is not the sex pills that we introduce here. There are some different about it, sex pills like Maxidus, Activ-Homme, Maxi2, Extenze are something that can boost your libido and give you the power and enhancement you need. Vitamin that we are talking about can help you for stronger erection by reduce cholesterol and increases blood flow throughout the body by opening arteries. The vitamin we are talking about is niacin, it can help to make more blood flows make a stronger and reliable erection. Vitamin that cure erectile dysfunction, but only if your dysfunction caused by limited blood flow.

You need to look for the doctor for consultation before buy one, it does have some minor side effect to your body. Since reduce the cholesterol can increase blood flow thus help you to perform better in sex, why not go out for a walk or slow jog to burn the fat. You know this very well, exercise can help you to build up your stamina. And this sexual stamina is very important when you are having sex. It's something that is simple, but nowadays everyone is just too busy or too lazy to do it. Make your exercise more interesting, you will feel so much better when you see the result. Do more research online to find the best exercise that is suitable for you, and interesting with it. Make it fun and you can make it last.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Female sex fantasies

We have talked about changing the routine of your sex life to have a more healthy and mind blowing sex. To make your sex life more interesting, you should discuss this with your sex partner or fuck buddy to get some idea of what both of you can do to make the sex more interesting. If the sex is too boring, guys may even have have sexual problem like inability to maintain a hard erection. You and I know very well of what men fantasy about sex, so we are about to discuss the fantasies of girls here. This is the top 10 female sex fantasies from Ask Men, quite a good place for you to learn more about sex.
The first two fantasies of them are dominate either you or her.

Girls like a strong man to control them and you have know about it. For girls nowaday they have fantasy about dominate a strong man, begging her for more sex. This is the sex position while she is on top, she can have full control of what she wants. Female orgasm is not the only thing she wants. The coming fantasies that girls like most is the student and teacher role play, they like to tease and make you want her body so much. It boost sexual desire to the roof. They want to be naughty and spanking her maybe a good move if she enjoys it, remember to do it according to her preference. Girls like to fantasy about having sex with stranger, well it is a very common fantasy for guys as well, it will turn on and boost the libido to the max by just thinking about it. Threesome, ha, I bet most of the guys thinking about it as well.

There are a combination of two guys and a girl or two girls and a man. Most of the guy would like to have the latter one unless you enjoy watching your partner fuck by others. Voyeurism, girls like to take a peep on others having sex as well, not only guys. Force fantasies, article mention that girls do fantasy about man carrying them to his bedroom and go down for business immediately. She may not look like she enjoy it, but she will love while he take her dress off her.

Exhibitionist, you can actually see it online that a lot of the girls like to show their body online. Is it suitable for you guys? Private dancer, wow, this is very interesting for all the guys, sure you don't mind to try it. Well, you may do it to her first before you ask her for the dance, who knows what will happen. Don't be afraid to be reject or laugh, you know you make the effort for a better sex life.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Change your sex routine

When we are in a long term relationship, the sex life can tend to be boring as it already become a routine job like doing your laundry. There may not be any problem if you continue to do so but it will be boring and at some point both of you may stop having sex at all. We always discuss that communication is very important in your sex life, so just communicate with your sex partner, come up with a brain storm for sex. Discuss about what and how can you make the sex life more interesting and both of your sexual fantasy, for instance you like her to wear some sexy uniform or even a proper office lady look may turn you on and give you a harder erection. Do you think she enjoy this amazing sex with you, if she enjoys sex like you do then you won't have problem of having it again.

Get creative while doing this, you may get the idea from porn or other movies. Watching porn together with your sex partner maybe a good idea as well, it may boost sexual desire and sex drive. Do something that you don't do normally, do something that is totally opposite, do it differently and you may give them a surprise and it won't be the same anymore. And when you try out the new things, you will know whether the new way of having sex is suitable for you or not. Take some adventure in sex, it can be fun. Taking the effort for better sex can enhance your sexual relationship.