Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Senior Citizen Sex Problem

Monday, September 10, 2018

Penis Size Counts When It Comes To Sex

Sex means different things to different individuals, what we like what we desire, what we crave and our inner desires but there is something we still have not come to terms with when it comes to sex and that is the size of a man’s penis. For sure this is something every man from study agrees with which is that size matters when it comes to sex as there is this appreciation on the look of any woman at the point of intercourse but the opposite is the case when the penis literally is too small to handle. Most men (about 95%) feel demoralized about the size as they most of the time look for means to make it bigger as time goes on majority of which hurt themselves and their fertility in the process.
This is a very different story when it comes to women as some believe that size does not matter but how you use it while others believe “the bigger the better”.
We took surveys to test the certainty of these statements talking to women of different age categories about their sex partners and we found a lot to back this theory.
Majority of the young ladies within their early 20’s do not actually believe in size but how the magic stick is used. A whopping 65% agree with the fact that bigger penises cause a lot of agony and after sex pains stating categorically that it’s no good if he doesn’t know how to use it, hilarious isn’t it.
Now going over to women in their 30’s we found out something really hilarious. Most of them pointed out the fact that men who are bigger find it easier to please women than men who are smaller. Hilariously a lady said “no matter how good one pen is, it’s not enough to fill my purse”. We also brought the contributions of other younger women to them and they seriously disagreed saying this was the reason for many young divorces and that at that point they would start looking for bigger eventually as they continually crave for sexual satisfaction and multiple orgasms.
Sex is something that we all enjoy and it is safe to say that it’s different for everyone but from a general standpoint for men and women, a vast majority agree with the fact that bigger men pleasure them better than men who are smaller. What’s more a man who knows how to use it. With that, sexual desire becomes something to crave where and when it comes.
A gentle partner who is big is far better than one who is not. Talking about the early problems associated with pains and after-sex cramps there are other means to make that less of an issue. Surely, you haven’t been in the shoes of those women who eagerly agree with our findings and generally you would not know except you get there if you do. You know the saying “the bigger the better” well it does not only apply to food but Men also.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Sex And Menstrual Cycle

There have been some confusing notions about engaging in sexual intercourse during the monthly flow of a woman. Having sex with your partner during this period has more advantages but may be marred by the fact that some partners sees it as a disgusting act which should never be considered.
One of the major advantages of having sexual intercourse during this period is because it actually helps relieve women of menstrual cramps. If a woman during sexual intercourse with her partner gets to her climax and releases, the muscle around the uterus will contract and this will help relief her of her cramps.

Due to the simple reason that women sex drive is not stable as it fluctuates, most women sex drive increases during this period. The endorphin chemical is released during intercourse between partners during this period. The chemical is a feel good factor as the female folks go through some form of stress during this period.

The worrying effect about engaging in sexual intercourse during this period is the high risk of sexually transmitted infection (STI). This is because there is quick transfer of blood during this time in a woman's cycle.

Sex during this period is always an opportunity to have a good time because there will be no need for lubricant as the vagina lubricates itself during this cycle. It is advisable to stay away from sex some days before the flow because of the symptoms of the Vagina yeast infection which most time occurs during this period and having sex when these symptoms is already there will only increase the symptoms.

Women during this period always have high urge for sexual intercourse because their hormones will undergo some changes which will improve sex drive. Engaging in sexual intercourse during this period does not result in pregnancy except for some rare cases. it is widely believed and accepted that it is against nature and therefore a taboo to have sex with your spouse during this time. If as a man you care less about both of you being stained with blood, then why not, go ahead and make your happy because this is the time she need it most.

It is advisable for the female folks to change their sanitary pad if they want to engage in sexual activities with their partners. This is important so as to prevent the transfer of bacteria. It is also important to have a good bath before getting laid so as to create a nice environment for the sexual pleasure to manifest. In this case, the missionary sex style should be considered so as to minimize the mess that may happen during sex.

Although there are numerous religious reasons that will tell you having sexual affair with a person who is currently on her period is evil and a taboo. It should be worth noting that in a woman's life time she may menstruate over 400 times, which according to the religion, men as should steer clear during that period, which on the other hand means missing sexual pleasure for more than 2,000 days.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Reasons why you feel pain after sex

Do you rise in ecstasy when you are getting down with your partner or do you squeeze your face in pain? Pain during and after sex is something most women experience. Why this pain? Let's find out:

Causes of vaginal pain during sex
When having sex, it is common to feel a subtle pain especially if your partner penetrates deep into you. But when there is no such deep penetration and you feel pain even when he is still trying to penetrate, then something must be wrong and it may be one of these reasons 

Infections such as vaginal thrush, urinary tract infection, and sexually transmitted disease could be the cause of the pain you are feeling down there. Other inflammatory conditions such as endometriosis, blocked Fallopian tubes, cervix inflammation could also cause pain during sex.

Thrush is common with women who are pregnant, and those who wear tight clothing. Other causes of thrush come from antibiotics medication or products that irritate the vagina. 
Sexually transmitted diseases will cause symptoms such as heavy vaginal discharge followed by itching, and general pains. 

Lack of lubrication 
You are probably experiences a dry spell down there due a messed up hormone, some medications or birth control pills you are taking or simply because you are not aroused but your sex partner wants sex at that moment. 

Lack of lubrication can be as a result of vaginal dryness caused by menopause or thyroid problems. 
Birth control pills can cause vagina dryness and subsequent pain during sex in even a younger woman of 25 years. New birth control pills that are currently made do not have sufficient estrogens; the hormone responsible for women’s feeling of sexual arousal.  They also contain a type of progestin which is capable of lowering testosterone in women.

Vaginal structural problems
If you have just delivered a baby or you went through great difficulties to give birth and probably had vaginal tearing that is still trying to heal, then you might feel great pains when getting down with your partner. Other structural problems include female circumcision, uterine fibroid, a cyst or an abnormal hymen. 

Vaginismus is a condition where the vagina and the pelvic floor muscles tighten for no apparent reason. This condition can make sex painful especially when there is a forced penetration. Vaginismus is caused by a lot of thing such as sexual abuse, using tampons etc. Vaginismus can be so severe that sometimes the vagina does not even get to open. It makes the vaginal muscles clench so hard you cannot even penetrate a little. And because it can happen anytime, some women experience it during sex which makes sex painful.

Vulvodynia is a chronic pain condition that causes pain around the vulva region. Anything can trigger these pain even minor things like sitting or riding a bike. As long as it puts pressure on the vulva, you are likely to experience pain. The cause of this chronic condition is unknown but can cause pains during sex.